Saturday, October 16, 2010

If I Left The Lord Today Where Would I Go

The bible says that in the last days that there would be a "falling away" meaning many would leave the faith and I am seeing this to a point where it is scary.  Many people that I know that had a relationship with the Lord have left him and for what NOTHING.  I began to ask myself if I was to backslide what would I do.  Church and worship is such an intricate part of my life that I would be totally lost without my Savior.  I'm not going back to the bars or the clubs.  I'm not going to embrace some other faith AND I JUST CANT PRETEND LIKE I NEVER KNEW HIM.  I have heard do many backsliders say that they still pray and they still love God but that is hard to believe since Jesus declares "If you love me then keep my commandments".  So I can drink, drug, fornicate and abuse his grace and still be in love with him?  I don't think so.  Many backsliders are angry at the church like the church did something to him but it's not the church that left, YOU DID.  I walked away from God and it was the loneliest place in the world.  I center my whole world on God AND HIS PEOPLE.  I love the people of God and if I leave God I also leave His people.  That is why when people backslide it destroys relationships that people have had for years.  I remember watching the movie "An Officer and a Gentleman" and Richard Gere was playing an officer candidate that was going through flight school and he messed up and was punished and his commanding officer did everything to try to get him to quit and he finally screamed "Why don't you just give up" and The candidate said "because I have no place else to go" and that's how I feel.  If I give up I have no where else to go.  This is all I know and all I care to know.  We all go through trials and tests but I didn't sign up to quit.  I am going all the way until I make it home.  Leaving God, leaving church, leaving the saints is not an option.  these things make my life what it is.

Many that will read this blog might have left God, left his church, or left his people but the fact is that they all still love you.  When you were at your lowest it's not the world that is praying for you its the saints.  I have pastored people that have walked out of my life like I was the cashier at Walmart not realizing that I pray for them constantly and making intercession for them at the throne of God.  GO BACK HOME BECAUSE THERE IS NO WHERE ELSE TO GO

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  1. I like that - "I didn't sign up to quit." That's deeper than it appears - at least to me. Thank you for giving my mind and spirit fuel to go on.