Friday, October 8, 2010

A Message to those that are Dating!

Someone once told me that you should never go grocery shopping when you are hungry because you end up picking up things you didn't need. So it is when going into a relationship. If you are a needy, hungry person you will pick up things and tolerate things that you would never normally tolerate. A person must be complete before they go into a serious relationship or they will stay needy. Needy people become heavy after a while and people will not want to carry you. I really don't believe that there is one person that can make you happy but you must be happy first and let them add to your existing happiness. Many couples when they can not find true contentment resort to sex which just complicates matters. Not only is sex before marriage a sin but it is also a destructive force in the course of a relationship. I know this sounds old-fashion to some but i speak from experience that sex never made me love someone more. Sex can drive someone from your life because a trust has been broken. God talked about fornication throughout the bible and it never ended well. Sex is a smokescreen for the dating and a source of pure joy for the married. Anyone who is married can tell you that there is a big difference between marital love and single sex. Dating is an opportunity to investigate yourself and the person you are dating. I'm not talking about hiring an investigator but searching your own heart and mind. Over 50% of marriages are ending in divorce because people did not do their homework. Do you know about their family background, their finances, their friends, their habits, their emotional state, their credit history, their past relationships. All of these can be factors in your future. Never let a person tell you that their past doesn't matter. I say tell me your past and let me judge for my self. Ladies if your are dating a man and you are the only person that thinks he is a good man then HE IS NOT A GOOD MAN. A man's reputation follows him even his ex's should have something good to say about him. Men, if she is sloppy and irresponsible while she is single she will be that way married. Do the homework people. Are they spiritual and do they have a relationship with God. Just because they say they are saved the conversation should not end there. There is a live that goes with the confession. Are they faithful in ministry are they faithful to prayer and study, does their pastor speak well of them. When your investigation is over then you need to pray your guts out and give the Holy Spirit permission to reveal anything that your eyes don't want to see.

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