Thursday, October 14, 2010

SOUL TIES (The Silent KIller)

Some years ago I was introduced to a term that changed the way I viewed relationships.  When I was single and on the dating scene I was not very knowledgeable about the effect that relationships can have on your walk with God.  I was wondering why I could never commit to a person.  I had dated several people but could never seem to be satisfied or content.  Even though I was saved I was still seduced into disobeying God's word and entering into a world of fornication.  I also knew that it was wrong but i convinced myself (what is the big deal) I'm not hurting anyone and I'm not forcing anyone to do something that did not want to but I failed to realize the damage that was going on that I could not immediately see.  When people engage in sex outside of marriage it seems to be fulfilling enjoyable and the natural course of a relationship but their is an ugly demonic side of it that draws you into a world of depression, misery, and further rebellion against the things of God.  The Bible states "and the two shall become one".  This is not just true in marriage but it is also true in fornication.  Every time you sleep with a person that is not your spouse a demonic marriage takes place.  Satan has joined you two together in a destructive, perverted union that can only be broken by the power of God.  I look at married couples who have been together for a while and they start to look alike, talk alike, and sometimes even think alike and the reason is that their souls have been knitted together by their commitment and more so by the fact that they are sexually intimate with each other. This is called a soul tie.
Not all soul ties are bad their are some very healthy soul ties.  The bible states that "David loved Jonathan like his own soul".  This type of soul tie brings peace and spiritual enrichment but a sexual soul tie can either bring peace or mass destruction.  Married couples should never underestimate the power of their sexual intimacy.  One of the big causes of divorce in this country is over sexual confusion in the marriage.  Either it is adultery, sexual starvation, or lack of intimacy meaning "the fire has gone out".  that is why it is important that couples keep a healthy intimate lifestyle.  the soul tie between husband and wife keeps others out.
On the other hand, when single people engage in fornication it breeds shame, guilt condemnation, insecurity, manipulation, abuse, and spiritual neglect. 
Ladies have you ever  noticed that when a man commits fornication he never wants to stay and hold you or he is quick to leave?  It's because he has no investment and you have no other purpose than to meet his needs.
Men have you ever noticed that when a woman commits fornication it leaves her in a place of confusion and she begins to ask questions about your intentions because she does not trust you know.

Transfer of Spirits
Soul ties also allow spirits to be transferred into people.  When people engage in fornication they leave a demonic gateway open and anything that person has you are likely to pick it up too.  I have talked to many women who either are or have been drug addicts and many admit that they were turned on to drugs by someone that they were sleeping with.  Woman who sleep with abusive men often end up abusing themselves.  I remember when I was an HIV educator and we always use to tell young people that when you sleep with someone you also sleep with everyone they have slept with.  If it's true in the natural it is also true in the spiritual.

Soul ties and your spiritual life
Sexual soul ties will simply destroy your relationship with God because you are not doing it behind his back you are doing it in his face.  It's like a man commiting adultery and asking his wife to watch.  A soul tie will silence your prayer life because your sins have formed a wall between yourself and God and the only thing that will bring it down is an act of true repentance.  I look at prominent people in ministry who have fallen over the years and it always seems that there is an element of sexual misconduct somewhere.  That is why people who have soul ties will try to hide it at first because of the guilt and the shame but the deeper they get into it their develops a spirit of arrogance and pride that says "YOU CANT JUDGE ME".  Their hearts become hardened and they slip deeper and deeper into the tie

What do I do now?
If you really want to be delivered you need to brace yourself for what I am about to tell you.
  1. You must repent to God for your sins with godly repentance and ask God for his forgiveness for placing an idol in your life.  If you are not sorry then you have not repented.  If you are not convinced that it is wrong you must search the scriptures so that the Holy Spirit may open your heart to your sins
  2. You must renounce the relationship and the person and remove them from your life.  It is not good enough to say that we will stop because the damage has already been done.  Keeping a platonic relationship with them just breeds more confusion especially if they have not repented or sought God either.
  3. Do not accept gifts, favors, money or anything else in the relationship
  4. You can not visit or be alone with this person because they are a drug to you
  5. You must find a spiritual counselor whether it be a pastor, or a spiritual mentor that you can confess this to in order to keep you accountable and start the intercession on your behalf
  6. I recommend a period of prayer and fasting in order to start the healing and restoration process
  7. You must also repent to the other person for the damage that you have done to them.  I recommend you do this with your spiritual counsellor
  8. Give it time because this will not be fixed over night.  Repentance fixed the issue with God but the deliverance process is to work on the issue with yourself 

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  1. Thank you Mark I understand this because I went through it also.Thank for having the courage to be transparent in this situation