Tuesday, May 31, 2011

People are our Business

Ministry is a customer-based business and Yes ministry is customer based.  Many Christians are trying to serve God and avoid human interaction at the same time.  This can not be done.  God called us to bring the gospel to the world not to yourself, not to the people you choose but to the world.  Many of us go through life experiences whereas we are hurt by people but that is never an excuse to get away from the true mission which is to serve God by serving one another.  When I think about the things that people have done to me I began to think about the garbage that God had to put up with in me.  I don't have a right to hate, I don't have a right to be judgemental, and I don't have a right to isolate a person who has done wrong.

Jesus had a solution for those who did him wrong he declared "Father forive them for they know not what they do".  Forgivesness is one of the highest acts of worship and it makes you at one with God.  I feel holy when i am forgiving and beigng forgiven.

Many people walk around with a victim mentality.  This mentality loathes in self-pity and low self-esteem.  It is easy for people to remember all that was done to them but their memory becomes cloudy when they think about the hurt they may have caused in their live.  When I wanted to play the victim the Lord caused me to remember when I was the perpetrator.  I got real humble when I thought about the damage that I have done in the course of my life and all i can say is "thank God for the blood".  Never let temporary circumstances keep you from developing meaningful relationships.  sometimes we don't realize how important people are to our survival.  It takes years to forge great friendships but they can be torn down in one day.

I enjoy people because they are my business.  I have no time to make enemies but a lifetime to make friends.  There is a hurting world out there and many just need a good friend.  I challenge you today to love people as Christ has loved you.

Your Friend