Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just blessed

I was just giving some serious thought to the fact that we are blessed.  When we look at the news and everything that happens in the course of a day do you ever wonder why all of it passed over you.  People face devestating tragedy everyday and most of it never personally touches us.  I thank God for His angels that watch over us day and night.  I dare you to let your mind go back to a time where you almost lost your life and see if you have a praise.  The other day I missed a major deadly accident by just a few feet.  I thought about it all day and imagined what the funeral would have been like, who would do my euology and who would be taking care of my family.  I cherish today and that god he allowed me to see it.  I have no reason to complain for truly God has been good to me.

I think about the awesome companion that God gave me and I give Him praise.  A wife is truly a gift from God and she can not be substituted or replaced.  I have three healthy beautiful children who are the image of God's goodness.  What more can I say than "I'M BLESSED