Thursday, February 17, 2011

Have Church Organizations Lost their Usefulness

In an age where the coming of Christ is soon and the war on the church is so severe is it not time that the church moves to be the most effective force on the planet.  As some of you might know I am a second generation pastor and preacher.  All I ever knew through my whole life was church.  I have no regrets about it.  The church gave me a solid upbringing and God gave me a spiritual father who preaches and teaches the pure Word of God.  I have also been part of an organization my whole life and I have had some wonderful experiences and opportunities being a part of the organization but now I am left in a place wondering if it has a place with me.  I really don't believe that denominations and organizations were a part of God's divine strategy of the building of His mystical body called the church.  In the study of the early church it appears that the church was built on the family structure.  that is why we address each other as brothers and sisters.  the Apostle Paul was a spiritual father to the men and women that followed him.  They loved him as a father and he loved and cared for them like children.  Great people proceeded from the family of Paul and the other Apostles because of the great love that they had for the church.  If Christ died to make me a part of His family than why should I be pressed about growing in an organization.

I do believe that the church has been called to be in divine order but i also believe that the Word of God has addressed that order.  In some organizations the development of leaders is done like a pyramid  scheme.  The more people you get to join the greater you move up in rank or the greater amount of tribute that you pay to top officials the greater opportunities are provided to you. 

I would like church leaders to read this without getting seriously offended because if it offends you than you are guilty.  Why should a church pull money from its treasury to give to a group that doesn't care whether the ministry lives or dies as long as they are paying their way.  If you represent an organization that only takes and never gives then that is exploitation.  When an organization takes money from the local church and that church has no say so as to how resources are spent than that is taxation without representation and a famous patriot said that "taxation without representation is tyranny.  This type of conversation does not come up too much because grown men who are leaders of their own churches have been made to fear the powers that be.  I am tired of people being labeled rebellious just because they disagree with the powers that be.  I write this blog with a heavy heart because I love the church and i love the fellowship of the saints but their needs to be a reformation of the entire body of Christ.  I am not going to leave my present organization because god has ordained me to birth change.  My father has taught me that you can not change anything standing on the outside but you must get involved.

I have been pastoring for almost thirteen years and I have asked God to make me a true spiritual father because I am tired of seeing another fatherless generation.  We have seen the effects of a society where fathers are absent.  do we think that it is any different in the spirit world whereas children are being born spiritually and there are no fathers.  Organizations are raising up foster children.  They will not take on the full burden of parenting but they will take the resources that the foster children provide.  There are pastors crying out for fathers and their voices have not been heard except by their true father.

I am not saying that all organizations are evil or bad but we must examine the structure carefully and make sure that the structure is designed to feed the children and not just bless the parents

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